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My Ohio Ancestors Who Went to War

Civil War

Several of my Hemings ancestors participated in the Civil War.  At least eight descendants of Elizabeth Hemings and two men who married her great-granddaughters served; four in black regiments, four in white regiments, all for the Union.

The grandsons of Sally Hemings who participated in the Civil War were:
  • William Beverly Hemings, private, 73 Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  • Thomas Eston Hemings, private, 175th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, died in a Confederate prison camp
  • John Wayles Jefferson, colonel, 9th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
  • Beverly Jefferson, private, 1st Wisconsin Infantry

Angus Young was a private in Company I, commanded by Captain Barnes, in the 73rd Regiment of the Ohio Infantry Volunteers in the War of 1861 (the Civil War).  He was enrolled on February 15, 1864 in Chillicothe, Ross County, Ohio.  He died in the service of the United States on November 9, 1864 in Chattanooga, Tennessee on  of injuries from the explosion of an ammunition wagon on October 25, 1864.  He was buried in the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

His wife, Nancy Runningwater Chapman, filed claim for widow's pension, with minor children on August 9, 1865; then after several iterations and multiple affidavits were supplied, finally filed on November 16, 1868. She was to receive $8 per month plus $2 each child until the reached the age of sixteen.

John Valentine was a free man who enlisted June 22, 1863 at the age of 26 to fight in the Civil War. He was in Company C, 5th Regiment of the US Colored Infantry.  He was born in Fayette, Tennessee, but enlisted in Ohio.

The 5th United States Colored Infantry Regiment was an African American unit of the Union Army during the American Civil War. A part of the United States Colored Troops, the regiment saw action in Virginia as part of the Richmond–Petersburg Campaign and in North Carolina, where it participated in the attacks on Fort Fisher and Wilmington and the Carolinas Campaign.

World War I

Arthur Lee Cooper served in World War I and was disabled.

William Dalton - Ohio Military Men, 1917-18 
Name: William Dalton
Serial Number: 2336242
Race: C
Residence: 333 Corwin St., Circleville, O.
Enlistment Division: National Guard
Enlistment Location: Columbus, O.
Enlistment Date: 24 Jul 1917
Birth Place: Columbus, O.
Birth Date / Age: 18 1/12 Years
Assigns Comment: Co F 372 Infantry to Discharge Private Meuse-Argonne; 
Defensive Sector. American Expeditionary Forces 30 March 1918 to 11 Feb 1919. Honorable discharge 5 March 1919.
Volume #: 4

World War II

All of William Filmore Dalton's and Emma Lee Cooper's sons serviced during World War II.

William Dalton Jr -U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records 1938-1946
Name: William Dalton
Birth Year: 1920
Race: Negro
Nativity State: Ohio
State of Residence: Ohio
County or City: Ross
Enlistment Date: 20 February 1941
Enlistment State: Ohio
Enlistment City: Fort Hayes Columbus
Branch: Branch Immaterial - Warrant Officers, USA

Edward Dalton - U.S. World War II Army Enlistment Records 1938-1946
Name:  Edward Dalton
Birth Year: 1921
Race: Negro
Nativity State: Ohio
State of Residence: Ohio
County or City: Ross
Enlistment Date:
Enlistment State: Ohio
Enlistment City:

Dennis Dalton - U. S. World War II Navy
Name: Dennis Dalton
Birth Year:
Race: Negro
State of Residence: Ohio
County or City: Ross

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The Russells from Kentucky

Mary Jane, Emma, Matthew and William were Russell siblings.  I have not found out who their parents are.  The only elder Russell I recall meeting was Mary Jane.  We called her "Great Aunt Mary Jane" and she lived to be at least 105.  As far as I my research has determined all four siblings moved from Kentucky to Butler County Ohio in the early 1900s.

Mary Jane Russell was born between 1860 and 1870 in Kentucky.  She married Thomas H South II (~1864-04/05/1942) around 1898 in Kentucky.  They moved to Ohio between 1910 and 1920.  She died around 1973.

I found newspaper article about Mary Jane reaching her 100th birthday in Middletown, Ohio.  It was how I learned about her nephew Joseph and another relative Odessa T Johnson (10/25/1921-10/1984) of Central Avenue in Middletown.  I remember visiting her when I was a child. 

Great Aunt Mary Jane isn't a DNA ancestor, but I have recently researched the Russell family to write a story about my step-grandfather "Grandpa Jerome".  She lived at 830 9th Avenue.  Her brothers Matthew and William also lived at 820 9th Avenue; they died when I was very young so I don't remember them.   Matthew's sons Jerome and Robert lived there too.  Robert had a restaurant next to their home.  Jerome called the 800 block of 9th Avenue in Middletown, Ohio "Russellville".  

So when we visited my grandmother in Middletown (on 19th Avenue) we always had to go over to “Russellville” to visit Grandpa Jerome's family, especially Great-aunt Mary Jane who my mother loved dearly.  I believe she was a few years older than her husband Thomas H. South, but I never met him as he died way before I was born.  I have not found any children for the couple and I have not heard that they had any.  (Maybe the grand-children of Robert may remember, but I haven't been to Middletown since my grandmother died.)  Great Aunt Mary Jane was already very old when I visited her.  I don't think anyone knew when she was actually born, but knew she was probably born sometime before 1870.  I don't think there were very good records in Kentucky before the 1900s.  I have not found a birth certificate/record online.  And the census records were never very accurate, but within a year or two.  The 1930 census says she was 63 and had gotten married at 25.  The 1910 census says she was 42, had been married for 12 years and had had no children.

One of Great Aunt Mary Jane’s nephews, Jerome, married my maternal grandmother in 1937; she had four children.  (My grandmother was Emma Lee Cooper.  Her first husband died in a tragic accident in 1932.)  Jerome took on the whole family.  I do not believe Jerome had any children even though he was briefly married twice before marrying my grandmother.  I was named for him.  (“If it’s a boy name it Jerome; if it’s a girl name it Jerrie” were the orders he sent when he was informed of my birth.  I worshiped him!  We were very best friends.  He called me “Dirty Thumb Sucking Lil” which I hated as a child.

Joseph Talton Strong is not a real relative of mine either.  But I uncovered him when I was researching the only “grandfather” I ever knew (Jerome Russell was my step-grandfather).   Jerome Russell was the son of Matthew Russell.   Joseph Strong was the son of Emma Russell (1877-) and Edward Harry Strong; and he was Grandpa Jerome’s first cousin.  He attended Wilberforce University.  I am a huge baseball fan and especially interested in the Negro Leagues.  So imagine my surprise when I discovered Joseph actually played in the Negro Leagues and was a very successful pitcher!

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William Filmore Dalton Sr.

On June 9, 1899 William Filmore Dalton was born in Circleville, Ohio to Edward M Dalton and Mary Frances Valentine.  William Filmore Dalton was the second child, first son of Edward and Mary Frances, and one of six children.  He was the only son to survive childhood.

 Bill proved to be quite a character at an early age.
Circleville Herald 1914:  Will Dalton son of Edward Dalton colored who was recently sentenced by Judge Osborn of Columbus to 30 days and $25.00 fine in the Columbus workhouse on the charge of vagrancy was released Friday on request of Judge Brown and was brought to this city by his father.  In probate court (Circleville) was given a suspended sentence to the boys’ industrial school.  He gave his age as 18.  He is barely 16.  
Its not known whether Bill volunteered freely to enlist for World War I or if his father demanded he enlist.  But he did serve admirably!  

William Filmore Dalton enlisted in the National Guard from July 24, 1917 until he was honorably discharged March 5, 1919.  He fought in WWI, serving in Company F 372 Infantry as a private during the Meuse-Argonne Defensive Sector of the American Expeditionary Forces from 03/30/1918 to 02/11/1919.
The American Expeditionary Forces consisted of the United States Armed Forces sent to Europe in World War I. During the United States campaigns in World War I the AEF fought in France alongside French and British allied forces in the last year of the war, against Imperial German forces. Some of the troops fought alongside Italian forces in that same year, against Austro-Hungarian forces. The AEF helped the French Army on the Western Front during the Aisne Offensive in June 1918, and fought its major actions in the Saint-Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne Offensives in late 1918.
Bill and Margaret
After returning from WWI, Bill married Margaret Elizabeth Seward in August of 1919.  She was a lovely lady.  Slightly older than Bill, she was at first lured in by his charm, but soon recognized his womanizing ways.  They parted company by 1922 and she met and married a very nice gentleman.

Bill and Emily
Bill at age twenty-two married Emma Lee Cooper (better known a Emily) age sixteen.on March 6, 1922. Emma Lee Cooper was the oldest child born in (Roxabel) Twin, Ohio to Edward Lee Cooper and Ella Young.  Bill and Emily had four children:  on October 5, 1922 William Filmore Dalton, Jr was born in Circleville; on November 25, 1923 Edward Wayne was born in Cleveland; on January 3, 1926 Emma Jane was born in Chillicothe; nn October 25, 1928 Dennis Leon was born in Chillicothe.  Bill was a cement finisher and a plasterer, and worked in building construction.. 

In 1926 the family was living at 29 W 7th Street, Chillicothe.  In 1928 they were living at 570 Linn Street, Chillicothe, Ohio.   In 1930 the family was living at 1137 Medill Street in Columbus. By 1932 they were back living in Circleville.

Bill's Escapades
Urban legend has it that Bill Dalton was a bootlegger, occasionally driving a hearse to transport liquor from Canada to southern Ohio.  He even took his children on at least one run!  Needless to say, Emily was not thrilled about him putting their children in danger.
Prohibition in the United States was a nationwide constitutional ban on the sale, production, importation, and transportation of alcoholic beverages that remained in place from 1920 to 1933.  It stimulated a vast underground of criminal activity. Bootlegging was a very risky, dangerous business.
Bill's Troubles
Bill was arrested and jailed for writing bad checks.
Circleville Herald April 29, 1932, Circleville, Ohio (front page):  NEGRO FACING CHECK CHARGE William Dalton, Colored, Held Under $500 Bond; Chillicothe Wants Him, Too.  Rubber checks were rebounding at William Dalton, colored, from all angles Friday following his arrest on a charge of issuing the paper with no money in the bank.He was arrested this week on complaint of O. E. Peterson, local used car dealer, who charged that Dalton gave him a bad check for $30.  Dalton was bound over to the grand jury under $500 bond when he pleaded not guilty and waived examination before Squire E. C. Friece.  He was unable to furnish bond.Dalton gives his home as three cities:  Circleville, Chillicothe or Columbus, he cares not which.  But from present indications his home after a short while will be neither of the three named with the first two letters of his new residence being O. P.As soon as it was learned he was being held here Dalton was made the target for at least five 'retainers' from Chillicothe where that many and probably more bad check charges await him. His checks in the latter city have all been of the $2, $3, and $5 variety. The May grand jury, convening Monday, will study his case.(Grand jury continued case September 21, 1932.  Grand jury disposition September 22, 1932). 
Circleville Herald May 6, 1932:  Dalton Taken to Chillicothe Jail William Dalton, 32, colored, of this city was being held at police headquarters in Chillicothe Friday on a charge of forgery filed by Bank Detective George Hamm who claims that the prisoner victimized at least six merchants of that city to the tune of $40.95.Dalton has been held here waiting grand jury action, but when his case was continued he was turned over to Chillicothe.
From Jail to Hospital 
Bill thought if he drank a cleaning agent found in the jail he would be taken to the hospital thus getting out of jail.  But the cleaning agent contained lye which did serious damage to his throat and digestive system resulting in his death after several very painful days.
Circleville Herald September 27, 1932, Circleville, Ohio (front page): WM. DALTON DIES:  William Dalton, aged 35, colored, son of Edward Dalton of Corwin St, died at Chillicothe hospital at midnight Monday, following an operation and two weeks' illness of complication. He was a native of this city, a son of Edward and Mary Valentine Dalton, born in 1897.  He is survived by his father, his wife, three sons and a daughter and two sisters.  Funeral arrangements in charge of Mader & Ebert have not been completed.
Circleville Herald September 28, 1932, Circleville, Ohio (front page):  DALTON FUNERAL Funeral services were held at 2.30 p. m at the African Methodist Episcopal church, Rev. M. R.Johnston and Rev. J. Reynolds officiating, for William Dalton, 35 colored, who died in the Chillicothe hospital at midnight Monday. Interment will be in the soldier’s lot in Forest cemetery by Mader & Ebert.  Mr. Dalton served in the Ninth Battalion, 372nd Regiment in the World War.  He was born here and leaves his widow, his father and two sisters.

Bill's Legacy

I personally believe that William Filmore Dalton Sr. did not intend to commit suicide;  I think he was too egotistical to commit suicide.  He really thought he could make his life easier if he were in a hospital rather than a jail.  So he ingested a caustic cleanser to get himself moved from the jail to the hospital.  But his limited knowledge of such cleaners resulted in him tragically underestimating the consequences of ingesting such a caustic cleaner and ended up slowly and painfully killing himself and leaving a young wife with four small children to fend for themselves.

While he was in the hospital Emma Lee Cooper moved with her children to Chillicothe with the support of her parents during that stressful period.  In 1937 she relinquished Bill's real estate in Circleville to his father and continued to live in Chillicothe.

From 1942 to 1955 all of Bill's sons served their country as he had done.   William Jr. enlisted in the Army 02/20/1941 and was released 12/30/01945; reenlisted 11/07/1950 and released 05/02/1955.  Edward enlisted in the Army 02/20/1941 and was released 5/05/1943.  Dennis enlisted in the Navy 06/27/1946, began serving on the USS Boxer 07/01/1946.  

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Edward Dalton

Edward C. Dalton was born in September 29, 1864 or 1869 in Circleville, Ohio to Luther Dalton (1831-1882) and Matilda Gregory (1831-1883).

On July 16, 1896 Edward married Mary Frances Valentine.  She was born August 10, 1880 in Springfield, Ohio to John Valentine and Emma Carpenter.

(l-r) Edward Dalton, Mary Marguerite Dalton, William Filmore Dalton,
Roberta Ellen Dalton, Mary Frances Valentine

Edward and Mary Frances had six children.  Three reached maturity, three died in childhood.  They all lived on Corwin Street in Circleville, Ohio.  Edward was a cement finisher.  He had one gray eye and one blue eye as a result of accidentally getting cement in his eye. 

Ora R Dalton was born March 08, 1898, but died March 11, 1898 of a spinal problem within days of birth.           

William Filmore Dalton was born June 09, 1899 in Circleville, Ohio.  He married and divorced Margaret Seward.  He then married Emma Lee Cooper; they had four children before he tragically died September 27, 1932 at the age of 32.

In 1900 Edward Dalton (28) and wife Mary (22) were living in Circleville township in Pickaway county Ohio with son William Filmore (11/12).  They had been married three years with one of two children was living.  Edward was a day laborer. (Edward’s father was from Kentucky and mother was from Ohio; Mary’s father and mother were both from Ohio.)

Ernest Dalton was born February 23, 1903; he died November 14, 1904 of  pneumonia just one year and ten months after birth.

Ernestine Dalton was born February 23, 1903.  She was Ernest's twin.  Twins were prevalent in the family.  She died August, 1913 after an operation for peritonitis at the age of ten.  

Roberta Ellen "Batesy" Dalton was born June 13, 1905.  She married John Wesley Jackson (11/17/1900 - 02/11/1972) on July 24, 1923.   Batesy and John had three sons:  Paul David Jackson (03/08/1924 - 08/21/2011), John Henry Jackson (01/09/1926 - 09/19/1993), and Calvin Jackson (10/14/1927 - 01/14/1928).  Batesy divorced John and later married Elmer “Vallie” Valentine (03/29/1894 - 04/30/1966), a chauffeur.  She died April 02, 1993.

In 1910 Ed Dalton (39) and wife Mary F (32) were living in Circleville township in Pickaway county Ohio with son William (10), daughters Ernestine (7) and Roberta (5).  Ed did odd jobs.    

Mary Marguerite Dalton was born February 13, 1914.  She married George Lewis Johnson (12/11/1912 - 12/29/1993) on October 1, 1933.  They had seven children; there were two sets of twins.  Roberta Johnson (1935 - 1935) died at birth; Charles Edward Johnson (1934-1991); George Lewis Johnson Jr.; William M. Johnson;  twins Mary Ann Johnson and Michael David Johnson; twins Marie Frances Johnson and Marguerite P Johnson.  She died April 04, 1999.

In 1920 Edward Dalton (49,) and wife Mary (42, Ohio) were living in Circleville township in Pickaway county Ohio with daughters Roberta (14) and Mary (3 11/12).  Also living on East Corwin Street was their son William Dalton (21) and his wife Margaret (25).

In 1930 Edward Dalton (59) and wife Mary (52) were living in Circleville township in Pickaway county Ohio with daughter Mary M Dalton (16).

Mary Frances Valentine died May 18, 1931.  Edward Dalton died February 29, 1956.  

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Miss Ellen

As I got serious about expanding my family tree, I got very excited about discovering who my ancestors were.  One such discovery was Ellen Dalton, my maternal 3x-great aunt.  It was not until 2009 that I found out about how special she was.

Ellen Dalton was born May 1, 1826 in Cincinnati, Ohio to John Dalton and Elizabeth L. Linke.

Ellen Dalton who was employed by Mary Todd and subsequently Abraham Lincoln’s family upon their marriage.  She served the family in Springfield, Illinois and at the White House.  She accompanied Lincoln's body on the funeral train as it made its way back to Springfield.  Lincoln's son, Robert, released her from employment shortly after the funeral and offered her passage to wherever she wanted to go. She decided to go to Circleville, Ohio, where her brothers who were both Civil War veterans lived. 

Once in Circleville, Ellen Dalton worked as a nurse for Z.R. Martin (a mayor) and Dr. Clark Hunsicker until moving to Somerset, Kentucky in her later years.

She first married John Tibbs.  John was a Methodist clergyman from Kentucky.  They had four children:  Herman, Laura, Benjamin, and David. 

On March 16, 1871 Ellen married William Lyons.  When he passed she moved to Kentucky to live with her son, Herman Tibbs.

Ellen Dalton died January 21, 1919 in Somerset, Pulaski, Kentucky .

When Z.R. Martin heard of her death, he paid to have her remains brought back to Circleville and buried in the Martin-Hunsicker family plot.  
Circleville Herald April 22, 1933
Did You Know That '"Aunty Lyons", an old colored native of Circleville, was a nurse in President Lincoln's family when his children were young. She was an aunt of Edward Dalton of this city and later returned here and nursed in the family of Mrs. Clark Hunslicker of W. Union St.  She died in Kentucky at the age of 103 and her remains were brought here and interred in Forest Cemetery.
Both of the Lincoln museums (one in Washington, D.C. and one in Springfield, Illinois) referenced a black nurse named "Miss Ellen", but there was never mention of her full name.  A southern Ohio historian, Warren Gentzel, pursued her identity based on one piece of vital information that lead him to find her a last name (Dalton) and where she was from (Pickaway County Ohio). When the historian Gentzel made the connection, he set out to prove the woman buried in that Circleville cemetery was really the Lincolns'  "Miss Ellen".  
Circleville Herald November 12, 2005 by Darlene Weaver, Herald Staff Writer
‘Miss Ellen’ part of Lincoln householdEllen Dalton was born in Cincinnati on May 1, 1826, the daughter of John and Elizabeth Dalton.  Other siblings in her family were David and Luther.  The photo above was taken by a Cincinnati photographer when “Miss Ellen” was a young lady.
Dalton worked in the homes of others as a housekeeper and nurse.  Family lore says she worked for Martha Todd's family and stayed with her service when she married Abraham Lincoln.  She worked in the Lincoln White House during the Civil War and took care of their son Tad when he was small.  Sources in Washington only remember a black nurse called "Miss Ellen"; no last name could be recalled.  Ellen's brother served in the Civil War.  After her service to the Lincolns, Dalton returned to Circleville where she worked for the families of Z. R. Martin and Dr. Clark Hunsicker of West Union St.  She was first married to John Tibbs and had at least one son, Herman.  She later married William Lyons in Pickaway County on March 16, 1871.  Names of her husbands were used interchangeably; some references referring to her as Ellen Lyons Tibbs and others as Ellen Tibbs Lyons.  Her marriage to John Tibbs may have occurred in Cincinnati.  In her old age, after she was widowed, she moved to Somerset, Ky, and lived with her son, Herman.  It was there that she died, on Jan. 21, 1919, at the age of 92 years eight months and 21 days.  Her death certificate lists her occupation as a retired housewife and widow.  Her cause of death was senility and paralysis of the left side with infirmities of age as the secondary cause.  Her remains were shipped to Circleville and to Forest Cemetery for burial.  Although Forest Cemetery records do not show where she is interred, family accounts are that she was laid to rest on the Martin-Hunsicker lot, directly in front of the monument, across their heads.  There is no marker for her.  Relatives of Mrs. Tibbs still live in Circleville.  Her brother David died at the age of 101 and left sons, Fred and Marshall Dalton.  He is also buried at Forest Cemetery.  Ellen’s brother Luther had a son Edward Dalton.  Edward was the grand-father of Paul Jackson who still owns property on Corwin Street.
It took some time, but Gentzel was successful and on April 16, 2011 there was a new headstone unveiled at her grave during a special ceremony.

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Four Generations

My immediate maternal ancestors were Emma Jane Dalton, Emma Lee Cooper, Ella Mae Young, and Emma Jane Bird.  So imagine my surprise when I found the photograph below. Even though it was severely damaged I felt I had found a treasure.

Four Generations
sitting left:  Emma Jane Bird
sitting right:  Ella Mae Young
standing back:  Emma Lee Cooper
standing front:  Emma Jane Dalton

Emma Jane Bird was born August 1859 to Sarah Hemings and Rueben M. Bird Sr.  At a very young age and with only a grade school education, Emma Jane Bird taught school in a one-room country schoolhouse (8 grades).  Emma Jane Bird married George Edward Young on December 31, 1879 in Ross County Ohio with Isaiah Redman officiating.  They had twelve children with ten (five daughters and five sons) surviving childhood.  For a number of years they farmed the Groom farm, located on the Canal Road, off Rt. 22 West, Circleville, Ohio.  Late in life they moved to a farm located near Rt. 104, Fox Post Office, and finally to a farm in Mt. Sterling, Ohio, where they remained until their deaths.  George Edward Young died April 4, 1942.  Emma Jane Bird died April 1949.

Ella Mae Young was born March 11, 1883 in Twin, Ohio to Emma Jane Bird and George Edward Young. She was their first daughter.  Ella married Edward Lee Cooper on April 8, 1904 in Ross County Ohio with Rev. George Carpenter officiating.  Edward Lee Cooper was a widower with two young sons. They had seven children (five daughters and two sons) together.  According to the 1910 census Ella was about 26, had been married for five years with two children, and living with her parents.  Ella was quite active in the church:  she was a member of the Ladies Aid and enjoyed entertaining them.  Ella died suddenly in 1930 at the age of 46 after a brief illness.  She died in the hospital, having received very poor care from the hospital attendants after her operation.  She was buried in Greenlawn Cemetery in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Emma Lee Cooper was born October 15, 1905 to Ella Mae Young and Edward Lee Cooper in Twin, Ohio. Emma Lee Cooper married William Filmore Dalton on March 6, 1922 in Chillicothe, Ohio with Rev. R. H. Hill officiating.  They had four children (three sons and one daughter). William Filmore Dalton died tragically in 1932 leaving Emma Lee Cooper with four young children to raise.  She contracted and survived tuberculosis and survived breast cancer. Emma Lee Cooper remarried May 3, 1937 to Jerome Russell.  (She later divorced him in 1962.)  All three of her sons served during WWII and returned home safely.  Emma Lee Cooper died February 9, 1990 after the passing of two of her children.

Emma Jane Dalton was born January 3, 1926 to Emma Lee Cooper and William Filmore Dalton Sr.  Emma Jane Dalton married Brownley Thornton Stewart on October 27, 1946 in Greenup, Kentucky.  Emma Jane Dalton was the first in her line to move from Ohio as she went to West Virginia with her new husband.  
They had four children (two sons and two daughters) with three surviving childhood.  Emma Jane Dalton died September 28, 1986.

There was a very similar photograph taken about the same time with Emma Jane Bird and her youngest daughter Ida Mae Young.  Completing the four generations were Hazel Jaunita Redman and her son Forrest Delaney Carter.
Four Generations
sitting right Emma Jane Bird
sitting left:  Ida Mae Young
standing back:  Hazel Juanita Redman
sitting on lap:  Forrest Delaney Carter

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Emma Lee Cooper (Dalton Russell)

On April 10, 1904 Edward Lee Cooper, a farmer, married Ella Mae Young in Ross County Ohio.  He was a widower with two sons, Arthur Lee and Floyd Matthew.

On October 15, 1905 Emma Lee Cooper became  the oldest child born in (Roxabel) Twin, Ohio to Edward Lee Cooper and Ella Young.  They would go on to have seven other children together.  
In 1910 Emma Lee lived with her parents and four siblings on Greenfield Pike in Twin, Ohio.
On January 21, 1920  Emma Lee lived with her parents and six siblings on Sulpher Lick Road, Union, Ohio.

William Filmore Dalton (born June 9,1899 in Circleville, Ohio) enlisted in the National Guard on July 24, 1917, served in Co F 372 Infantry as Private in Meuse-Argonne Defensive Sector. American Expeditionary Forces from March 30, 1918 to February 11, 1919, and was discharged March 5, 1919.  After the war he married and then divorced Margaret Seward.

Emma Lee (back left) had four younger sisters:  Anna Elizabeth (back center), Mable Alve (back right), Nana Louise (front left) and Esta Mae (front right).  Emma Lee also had two younger brothers:  George Robert and William Edward "Buzzy".

At the tender age of sixteen Emma Lee Cooper married William Filmore Dalton, a cement finisher, on March 6, 1922.  Their first son, William Filmore Dalton, Jr., was born in Circleville, Ohio on October 5, 1922.  A second son, Edward Wayne Dalton was born in Cleveland, Ohio on November 25, 1923.  On January 3, 1926, their only daughter, Emma Jane Dalton, was born in Chillicothe, Ohio.  In 1926 William, Emma Lee, and their family were living at 29 W 7th Street, Chillicothe, Ohio; he was working as a plasterer..

William Filmore Dalton and Emma Lee Cooper had four children:  William Filmore Jr. (right), Edward Wayne (right), Emma Jane (center), and Dennis Leon (not pictured).

In 1928 William and Emma Lee were living at 570 Linn Street, Chillicothe, Ohio.  On October 25, 1928 their third son, Dennis Leon Dalton, was born in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Four generations:  Emma Jane Byrd (left), Ella Mae Young (right), Emma Lee Cooper (back), and Emma Jane Dalton (front)..

On April 8, 1930 William Filmore Dalton, Sr. (in building construction) and Emma Lee Cooper were living with their family at 1137 Medill Street in Columbus, Ohio.

Emma Lee lost her mother, Ella Young on July 20, 1930.

On May 6, 1932 William Filmore Dalton, Sr. was taken to jail in Chillicothe, Ohio.  On May 18, 1932 Emma Lee Cooper moved with her children from Circleville, Ohio to Chillicothe, Ohio.  On September 26, 1932 William Filmore Dalton, Sr died in the Chillicothe, Ohio hospital of post-surgery complications two weeks after an accident.  He left Emma Lee Cooper, then only 27, with four children between the ages of four and ten.

1930s:  Emma Lee Cooper contracted tuberculosis and spent time in the Mt Logan Sanatorium.
1935:  Emma Lee Cooper and her children were living in Chillicothe, Ohio.
01/21/1937:  Emma Lee Cooper relinquished real estate in Circleville, Ohio to Edward Dalton (father-in-law).
1928-1937:  Jerome Russell (born 04/30/1900 in Middletown, Ohio) was living at 42 W 4th Street, Chillicothe, Ohio.
05/03/1937:  Emma Lee Cooper married Jerome Russell in Covington, Kentucky.
1938-1940:  Jerome Russell (car washer, laborer) and Emma Lee Cooper were living with her children at 231 S Walnut Street, Chillicothe, Ohio.
04/08/1940:  Jerome Russell and Emma Lee Cooper with her children (William, Edward, Jane, and Dennis Dalton) were living in Chillicothe, Ohio (241 Mechanic Street). Jerome worked as a laborer at the Federal Hospital for $700/year; William worked as a road construction laborer for $520/year; Edward worked as a car washer. They were renting at $13/month and sharing a duplex with Emma Lee’s brother William Cooper, his wife Minnie and daughter Lois.
1942-1945:  Jerome Russell (caretaker, warehouseman) and Emma Lee Cooper lived at 241 Mechanic Street, Chillicothe, Ohio. 
1942-1945:  All of Emma Lee Cooper’s sons (William, Edward, and Dennis) served in the military during WWII.  William enlisted in the Army 02/20/1941 and was released 12/30/1945; reenlisted 11/07/1950 and released 05/02/1955.  Edward enlisted in the Army 02/20/1941 and was released 05/05/1943.  Dennis enlisted in the Navy 06/27/1946, mustered on the USS Boxer 07/01/1946.
1945:  Jerome Russell and Emma Lee Cooper were living with her children William Filmore Dalton, Jr, Edward Wayne Dalton (driver) and Emma Jane Dalton (maid at McCarthy Hotel) at 231 Mechanic Street, Chillicothe, Ohio.
10/27/1946:  Emma Jane Dalton married Brownley Thornton Stewart and moved to his home in West Virginia.
1947-1953:  Jerome Russell and Emma Lee Cooper were living at 33 W 7th Street, Chillicothe, Ohio.
1949:  Dennis Leon Dalton married Betty Richardson.
1949:  Edward Wayne Dalton married Patricia Ann Diggs.
1950:  Dennis Leon Dalton and Betty Richardson were living at 635 Lower Valley Pike, Springfield, Ohio.
1952-1960:  Edward Wayne Dalton (houseman, waiter, bar tender) and Patricia Ann Diggs were living at 183 Locust Street, Chillicothe, Ohio.
1951:  Emma Lee Cooper’s father, Edward Lee Cooper, died in Chillicothe, Ohio.
1952:  William Filmore Dalton, Jr and Elizabeth Rhodes were living at 52 W 7th Street, Chillicothe, Ohio.
In August 1952 Emma Jane Dalton, with husband Brownley Thornton Stewart and daughter Donna Jerrie Stewart, visited her mother Emma Lee Cooper in Chillicothe, Ohio.  It was Jerrie's first trip to visit to her grandmother's home. Jane was asked to make her famous pies for her family.  While they were baking she decided to take a long bath to recover from the eight hour drive; she was six months pregnant.  When the pies had finished baking, her mother was taking them out of the oven.  One was transferred to the counter, and as she turned to get the second there was a loud scream.  Jerrie had crawled to the stove and put her hand on the oven door.  Jane had difficulty getting out of her bath, but made it to the kitchen to see a very large blister cover Jerrie’s entire palm.  A doctor was called to bandage her hand and give her something for the pain. 
1953:  Emma Lee Cooper and Jerome Russell moved to 617 19th Avenue, Middletown, Ohio.
1953-1955:  Dennis Leon Dalton and Betty Richardson were living at 332 W Clark Street, Springfield, Ohio.
1956:  Emma Lee Cooper survived breast cancer after a double mastectomy.  Emma Jane Dalton (with her daughters) spent a month in Middletown, Ohio caring for her mother.
1957:  Dennis Leon Dalton and Betty Richardson were living with Emma Lee Cooper at 617 19th Avenue, Middletown, Ohio.
12/1959:  The Stewarts spent Christmas with Emma Lee Cooper in Middletown, Ohio.  (This is believed to be the only Christmas the Stewarts did not spend at home in West Virginia.)
09/1963:  Emma Lee Cooper divorced Jerome Russell.
1960s-1983:  William Filmore Dalton, Jr. lived with his mother, Emma Lee Cooper, at 617 19th Avenue, Middletown, Ohio.
In the late 1960s William Filmore Dalton, Jr. drove his mother Emma Lee Cooper to West Virginia to visit his sister/her daughter.  But one of these trips proved to be very hazardous for him.  He managed to arouse a whole beehive while taking target practice against the side of an old outhouse. He proved to be very allergic to their stings and had to be rushed to the local clinic for emergency care.  This delayed their return to Ohio.  On the morning of their departure he managed to hit a cow which had gotten out of its field.  This further delayed their return while the car was being repaired. 
12/1978:  Emma Lee Cooper spent Christmas with the Stewarts in West Virginia.  This was her last visit to West Virginia. 
04/04/1981:  Jerome Russell died in Middletown, Ohio.
09/15/1983:  William Filmore Dalton, Jr. died while fishing on the Sciota River near Chillicothe, Ohio.  His brother Dennis, who was supposed to fish with him, arrived to find Bill leaning against a tree dead of a heart attack.
02/1985:  Donna Jerrie Stewart surprised Emma Lee Cooper with a visit to Middletown, Ohio.
09/28/1986:  Emma Jane Dalton died in Morgantown, West Virginia.
01/1987:  Emma Lee Cooper moved to Dennis Leon Dalton’s home in Columbus, Ohio.
06/28/1988:  Emma Lee Cooper moved to Edward Wayne Dalton’s home in Chillicothe, Ohio.
02/09/1990:  Emma Lee Cooper died in Chillicothe, Ohio.
04/08/1990:  Edward Wayne Dalton died in Chillicothe, Ohio.
07/10/1998:  Dennis Leon Dalton died in Columbus, Ohio.